How to Have Rough Sex (Step by Step)

Portions of the following article were taken from The Art of Rough Sex, regarded by many as the most advance how to guide ever created that teaches regular guys how to take charge and dominate their women in bed.  It is amazing and definitely the sexiest video I have ever seen on the subject.

I hate to make broad generalizations however, based on what I know about women I’m pretty sure your woman…whether it’s your wife, your girlfriend, or even your fuck buddy…wants some rough sex from time to time.

Heck, outside in the world I am a mild mannered mom who fly’s pretty straight.  And I still like my husband to fuck me hard.

The most important thing to know about rough sex is it has to be consensual.  And because it’s important to have two consenting adults there must be a conversation ahead of time.  This conversation doesn’t have to take place right before you are about to get down to business.  But it does have to come before hand.

If you are interested in having some great rough sex with your partner, I recommend getting this talk out of the way ASAP.

It can be something as simple as “Hey baby, how would you feel if I was a little more rough in bed one night?”

And at this point she says something like, “I’d be curious.”  Boom…Green-light…you are now good to go.  Just don’t get carried away and ruin it.

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Why Rough Sex?

Pain and pleasure are closely related.  They both cause the release of endorphins that make us feel good.  It’s also a very primal thing.  Ever watch two animals go at it?  It’s not gentle.

Where Do I Start?

Depends.  Want to start Light, Medium, or Hard?  I suggest starting light but moving on to at least medium very quickly.  After all, rough sex is supposed to be rough.

In the beginning gentle spanking is always a safe play.  From here you can move on to biting.  Start with lips.  Try nipples.  Thighs and butt are also fair game.  Just start soft and increase in intensity if you are getting a positive response.  Pay attention to her reactions.

Ok, What’s Next?

Pull her hair.  Grab a bunch and pull hard.  This is especially great if you are having sex doggy style.  She’ll arch her back and press her butt into you if she likes it.

If you are on top in more of a missionary position hold her wrists down.  But remember, hold them.  The struggle will be part of the fun for her.  Hold her tight.

This is Fun, Let’s Keep Going

Bust out a pair of handcuffs.  Don’t have any?  No problem.  Take a couple of old neck ties (don’t use your good ones they’ll get ruined) and tie her to the bed.  And while you’re at it, tie one over her eyes so she can’t see.

If restraint turns out to be something you both enjoy you might want to invest in a good set of bondage restraints.  Once she’s tied up you can torture her a little bit with a vibrator.  Or you can even whip her.  If done just right she will melt into a puddle.  I like floggers because they don’t hurt too much…just enough.

Let’s Get Crazy

When you’re ready you may find choking extremely erotic.  I recommend just holding her neck and not actually choking her because this can be very dangerous.  The simple act of holding your hands around her neck (without actually applying enough pressure to restrict the airway) is sexy as hell and provides an extreme sense of submission and control.

And finally “Force.”  Just remember, without explicit consent here you are actually doing something illegal, immoral and just plain mean.  With consent you may just be playing into one of her greatest fantasies.

Want to Know More?

Watch the Art of Rough Sex to gain more insight.  Get fantastic tips.  And see how this video can actually help you and your woman start the conversation about Rough Sex.

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