Girl Exposes Trick to Meet a Dominant Woman

I used to run a tumblr blog that was dedicated to femdom.  It literally had hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of women dominating men.  In addition to posting hot and sexy pictures of beautiful girls in leather, wearing strap-ons, and making men worship them, I would field questions from my loyal followers.  As time went on I realized I kept getting the same question over and over again.

Everyday, someone asked me, “Olivia, how do I find a dominant woman that is interested in domination and would be willing to dominate me?”

It’s really simple actually, you just have to understand the mindset of a woman that is interested in femdom.

How to Find a Girl to Dominate You

This is one of the few scenarios where those “hook up sites” like Femdom Fantasy Date  or Casual for Now will be your best friend.  I know those are usually somewhat worthless if you are just trying to get laid on a Friday night.  Most girls don’t resort to those measures.

For female domination it’s a bit different.  You see, most women, (myself included) have long had the desired to be in total control over a submissive man.  It’s all about the power.  As you can probably assume, this is not something we are going to just bring up with anyone.

As a matter of fact, I would bet there are very few women who have ever tried being the dominant person in a relationship with someone other than their husband.  So if you are not married (or have a wife that is not interested), that makes it tough.

Now just because these “single girls” aren’t willing to suggest or agree to dominate the guy they are dating, or even their long term boyfriend, it doesn’t mean they don’t really want to try it.

Girls want to play the dominatrix really badly, trust me.  

Us girls will not risk the potential rejection though.  And we certainly don’t want to feel stupid if our man isn’t into it.  This is where those Dating Sites come into play.

The anonymity of sites like Casual for Now and Femdom Fantasy Date is perfect for women to explore this supposedly taboo desire.  Plus this situation allows them to be in control, thus more comfortable with the random hook up with someone they met online.

I can’t guarantee anything, but as a woman, I know there are quite a few women on those sites that would jump at the chance to dominate a stranger.

It’s worth a shot.  Plus, I’m pretty sure those two sites I mentioned are free to join.

*Although if you are truly serious, I would probably pay for the membership so girls take you seriously. If they are going to agree to this, they want to be sure the man is going to follow through.

Good Luck.  I am certain this will work for you if you put the time in.



Join Casual for Now

Join Femdom Fantasy Date

2 Responses to Girl Exposes Trick to Meet a Dominant Woman

  1. Don Robinson says:

    What were the names of those sites again?

  2. kris says:

    I was very lucky i brought it up to my girl at the time bout me rubbing lotion on her feet and i took my time kissing her feet as well telling her how much i enjoy spoiling her amd then the next day i brought up how i wissh i was on my knees giving her sexy bum kisses so of course she liked tbe idea as well i must of spent two weeks just spoiling her in every way brush her hair after showers of course im always naked doing things for her get ber toy ask her if i can play with my bum while i kiss hersand we nust clicked now we have strapons and she calls my bum her pussy and fucks me regularltwehave a very open relationship now we got married and still together today we never brought a man or woman in to join us that just causes miss trust she spoils me now anything i want we try and tbe same for her we both enjoy pleasureing each other so thats very belpful a selfish lover is no good if u ask me well i hope

    that helped a little by for now

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